Dr. S. Subramanya Birder

Dr. S. Subramanya, known as `Subbu’ among birding circles, did his doctoral work in the area of Agricultural Ornithology and is a well known ornithologist in India. He is member of several national and international professional bodies and ornithological institutions. Dr. Subramanya is very active in conservation efforts and has been playing key role in influencing decision makers in the country to help protect crucial habitats. During last couple of decades he made important contributions to various projects. He worked in the Bird Migration Studies headed by Dr. Salim Ali during 1980. He has been playing a very key role in conservation of critically endangered Indian Vulture’s habitat at Ramanagarm and working towards getting the place being declared as a sanctuary by the Karnataka Government. He has numerous publications in national and international journals and books. He also mainly worked on Indian heronries, survey of vulnerable endemic species like Yellow-throated Bulbul and Broad-tailed Grassbird.