Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas PhD Scholar, Institute of Public Health

Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas (Prashanth N S) is a medical doctor who has worked in several forest areas in south and north-east India. From his medical student days at Mysore Medical College to his later years as a researcher on public health, he has maintained a close association with organisations and people working on birds and wildlife. He worked for several years in the Biligirirangan Hills as a doctor. During his time in BR Hills, he spent several years with Soliga elders documenting understanding their traditional knowledge on birds and wildlife.

Prashanth is passionate about building a greater understanding about health within the larger debates of sustainable development and conservation, something that he has learnt from his interactions with tribal communities. He splits his time between a health and development research field station in BR Hills and the Institute of Public Health, Bangalore He also teaches courses in public health research and management at various institutions across India. He also works closely with several wildlife conservation organisations, trying to bridge the discussions and debates across health, development and environment. He is also an active editor on wikipedia and strongly believes that it has contributed significantly to narrowing the gap between the expert and the amateur. Information and health suffer from similar inequities, and perhaps information equity will be achieved far earlier than for health, and one day, the only barrier to the sum of all human knowledge will be apathy.